We help small & medium Korean enterprises improve their business potential.


For important international projects or expanding your business to other countries, we work directly with you and your team, providing expert help for:

  • Proposals, literature, & email
  • Presentation preparation and rehearsal
  • Website review and validation

Our international business experience will help you compete in the global market.

Proposals, literature, & email

It is important that your written communication say exactly what you want in a way that is clear to people in other countries.

Simply translating from Korean into English will not be clear, as it will not match another country’s business culture. To be clearly understood, your message needs to match your reader’s cultural expectations.

We help you create:

  • Proposals - we work with your team, applying our extensive proposal experience to create English documentation that communicates your ideas in a clear and effective way.
  • Literature - we help create a literature package in English that aligns with your market’s needs.
  • Email - we review important emails before you send them and provide recommendations to make the emails clearer and more effective.


Global audiences expect presentations to be done in a style and format that matches their business culture, and they expect the presenter to be prepared. A mistake in preparing or delivering a presentation could put your entire project in jeopardy.

We help with:

  • Presentation creation - presentations need careful preparation to be effective. With our extensive international experience and knowledge of presentation trends, we can adapt Korean presentations to work in other business cultures.
  • Presentation delivery - successfully giving a presentation requires rehearsing. The more critical the presentation, the more you should rehearse. We help by being your audience and providing feedback utilizing video recordings of your presentation.

Web design

Your website is your company’s face to the world. How easily people can find your site, the information it provides, and how easy it is to use impacts whether visitors become customers.

We help with:

  • Search engine optimization - make your site Google and Bing friendly so people can easily find it.
  • Understandability - ensure your site information is understandable by English speaking visitors.
  • Usability - verify that your site matches foreigners’ technical expectations:
    1. Organization
    2. Cross browser operation
    3. Accessible by impaired users

Web accessibility

Many businesses, when they update their websites, are making their sites accessible for people with disabilities (e.g., limited vision, mobility, or hearing). It is important that your website be accessible because, first, it's a good thing to do, and secondly, because many global companies have employees with disabilities. If your website is not accessible, you may miss a business opportunity.

We help you understand how to make your site accessible. Keep in mind that being accessible doesn't mean being ugly, but it does require a little additional effort and cost (around 1 to 2% additional for a new or redesigned site).

Color Contrast Checker

An important part of making a site accessible is ensuring there is enough contrast between the text and background, as it affects how easy the text is to read. Contrast is also important for presentations.

Our color contrast tool evaluates the contrast between two colors and rates the contrast as good, okay, or bad.

We provide training to prepare Korean businesses for the global marketplace.


We can train you and your team to work smarter with foreigners.

We provide training for:

  • Presentation
  • Writing effective emails
  • International business culture

Presentation training

Giving a presentation is a common business activity, and yet most people have little formal training on how to prepare and give a presentation.

We provide presentation training for:

  • Creating a presentation - determining the right content to include, structuring the presentation to be effective, and using graphics effectively.
  • Giving a presentation.
  • Using PowerPoint templates.

Email training

Being able to write an effective email is an important skill for international business.

We explain how to create effective emails based on identifying what you want your reader to do. We also review emails you’ve written in the past, and provide support for reviewing future emails.

International business culture training

Working in a global environment is more than just learning common English expressions. It requires knowing how to adjust your approach based on your target market. What works in one country, may not work in another country.

We explain some of the critical differences and help you address those differences in your approach to business in different countries.