We help Korean business people improve their English abilities.

Business English

The ability to use English effectively is critical for success in international business.

Learning to use English effectively comes from a regular process of reading something that is interesting and understandable, and then discussing, in English, the information that was read.

That’s where we help. We provide:

  • One-to-one executive discussion using current English sourced material.
  • Group discussions using current English sourced material.
  • Book discussions using best-selling business books.
  • Dilbert for common expressions and humor.

One-to-one executive discussion

In international business, executives and senior managers need to build relationships with their foreign counterparts. To build those relationships, it takes communication, but not just communication about products or services. It takes communicating about high-level topics.

We provide executives an opportunity to read and discuss the latest industry, financial, political, and sports news. We select current Internet news articles that are applicable to areas international business people discuss. We assist with understanding the articles, including unusual vocabulary and pronunciation, and then discuss the content.

Executives and senior managers can increase their level of comfort for discussing a range of topics.

Group discussions

We lead group business discussions for up to six people. The discussions are based on current business articles from the Internet, covering topics such as advertising, finance, manufacturing, marketing, and technology.

Book discussions

A great way to gain business knowledge is to read about business. We have prepared book discussions around highly regarded books on business:

  • Management - The Essential Drucker by Peter F. Drucker

Dilbert comic strip

A great way to learn common business expressions as well as gain an understanding of American humor is to read what American business people read for fun.

Dilbert is an award-winning comic strip about an engineer and his co-workers that uses common business expressions.

Each week we provide explanations for unusual words and expressions from that week’s Dilbert to help you understand the comic strip.

To experience Dilbert for yourself, please visit our Dilbert page.

Shadow speaking

You can improve your English listening and speaking abilities by “shadowing” a native speaker, repeating what the native speaker says as they say it. This technique is called “shadow speaking.”

To see if shadow speaking can help improve your English, please try our Shadow Speaking web app. The web app will run on your Android phone or tablet, iPad tablet, or personal computer (sorry, the web app currently does not, as yet, work on iPhones).